tá odvedľa said...

Thank you very much for your ORIGINALLY kits :)
Thank :)

Barb said...

Hi Lori,
I am thrilled to discover your blog, I have been a fan of your amazing digital creations for several years now!!!
Would you consider coming out with something that might feature a few whimsical carousel horses?
Happy creating,
Barb in Texas

Lorie said...

Mmmmmmmm carousel horses..... I love carousel horses. Actually one of the kits I have been thinking of and started working on a little has brownies and wood themed elements and backgrounds. I believe carousel horses would fit in there beautifully. Thanks for the tip Barb!

Minky Things , The Faerie-nuf Folk and The Starchildren said...

wheeeeeeee !
I have finally got some " adoption fees "
to find some special Creative Inspirations.... I want to make My Grandson , Jethro , a Book without words ... so that He can make up His own stories ... and You have the PERFECT illustrations !
Will send the Book to You too !

Thanxxxxxxx Dear One !
Meet You looooooots on Creative Rainbows ...
Blessings and Love

Lorie said...

Yaaaaaay Minky!!! I will LOVE to see your book. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I recently discovered your blog and I became a big fan of your amazing scrapkits!!! I'm looking forward to see the Darrie histledown kit
From Belgium