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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The large Marge hike & fishing expedition

Last week we hiked up to Marge Lake a few miles outside of McCall, Idaho. Oh Marge - the colors are just beginning to change and there's lots of cinnamon/chestnut brown out there right now.  I love, love, love the colors this time of year and I thought some of you might like to peek in at some of the local scenery.

 This is on the way up to Marge after we passed Pearl Lake. Marge is just the other side of the dip in the mountain on the horizon.

  Here's one of the first huckleberry leaves to fall, swirling in one of the many little springs we had to hop over on the way up.  We found some small patches of huckleberries, not in their prime but still delicious, to munch on that morning.

 My friends and expedition members Steve, Kip, Debbie, Tim, Linda & Toes crashed out on the banks of Marge Lake after the long uphill trek. 

Marge Lake is beautiful but there aren't many good spots to fish from and it was sooo windy, so Larry moved around a lot looking for better spots to sneak up on the fish. 

Larry may look like he's praying to the fishing faeries here but I think he's really just biting off a stray bit of his fly line. 

 Marge Lake.

 My darling husband, moments before he lost his lucky yellow Crazy Clown spinner in some weeds.  Very sad...

Steve & Linda's puppy Trapper sniffing around in the huckleberry bushes.

We took a scenic shortcut on the way home and climbed back down to Pearl Lake from a different angle. Nothing like a hike in the boonies to recharge your batteries and pack your hard drive with happy jpegs.

Here's a layout I created for a kit I'm coming out with in November from one of the pictures I took at Marge Lake.    

If you'd like this background (w'o Everly Thistledown in it) you can download it here for free