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Sunday, June 5, 2011

And the winners are.......

Ohhhhhhhhhh thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for all the hard work and creativity that went into these wonderful layouts for the Fabulous Fantasy Layout Contest. It was the brightest spot of every day this past week peeking into the gallery and seeing the new entries.

It was really really hard picking one favorite fantastic masterpiece out of sooooooooo many. But today I did.

So, without further preamble, the prize for my favorite fantasy layout goes to Holstarr for Violet, Don’t be Late! This was a truly fantastic illustration that set my brain spinning into so many different story directions.

My Creative Team was all over the map with their favorites. There were several ties so I cast the breaking vote. The CT pick for most fabulous layout is awarded to Mandihy for this magical layout of her daughter as a fairy butterfly catcher.

For the random pick I collected all the entries and my DH pointed to this winner blindolded (there probably could have been an easier way to do this but I couldn’t think of it). The winner is: Rzoe for Álomvilág 4

Congratulations everyone. And thank you all so much for your beautiful inspired artworks.

If the winners will please send me their emails ( I will send you your coupons.