My holiday blinkie from Joelle

Joelle's blinkies are forever. My store however, contrary to what it says at the bottom of Joelle's blinkie, is now at Oscraps. (I didn't want to change anything cus it would sort of be like fidgeting with a Vermeer.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Studio Lorie's Annual End of the Year Sale

From Thursday December 29 at 11:30 p.m.(MST) until January 1 (Happy New Year!) I will have everything in my store on sale for 35% off. See you there!   See you next year! Thank you all soooooo much for a wonderful sale. oxox

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maybell Littleberry's Christmas Stocking

I just put Maybell Littleberry's Christmas Stocking in Studio Lorie. Maybell has carefully packed it with all of the items she is enthralled with this winter. It's on sale through Christmas Eve if you think you might want it hanging over your digital fireplace Christmas morning.

Here are some of the marvelous artworks my Merry CT members have created with Maybell's Christmas Stocking.

Olga Unger
Note: Some customers have wondered where this paper is in my kit. It is actually the same paper used by Olga (above). MissBehaving however, being a CGI sorceress, has amazingly altered this paper to do her bidding.  If you need further proof of MissB’s ability to do absolutely anything digital visit her free tutorial school at SBG.   
Angel Jet
Are you ready for the Christmas story my dear?
Still Waiting
Scrappie Irene
Vladi believes in Santa
Hollie H
Following the trail
Scrappie Irene
Dear Santa
Happy Christmas
Falling in a Christmas Story

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome to Lorie's Freebie Station along the SBG Blogtrain

Here's my Christmas freebie:


Get yourself a steamy hot chocolate, preferably with peppermint sprinkles and heavy cream, and stay toasty for the rest of your ride. Happy Holiday hugs everyone!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

I've been gone but not forgotten I hope......

I have not been online much (sorry) but I have not been snoozing.

Here’s  what’s happening.

The first and soonest event at Lorie’s Noggin Blog will be the SBG Christmas Blog Train.  It’s the freebiest express.  It begins midnight Saturday night Eastern Standard Time - tomorrow night for me.  I’d better look up when that is here exactly. You can start at Flerg’s and work your way through all 20 of our blogs picking up free Christmas goodies at every stop.
Hopefully after this you will have at least a little room left on your harddrives because I am working on 3 new kits that should be out sort of  soon.

The first kit to come out will be my Christmas kit. Tentatively named: Kittens and Mistletoe. (I hope the mouse doesn't mind.) Here's a preview:

This will be out very soon.  Next week I think.
I have also finished an SBG Studio Mix collab with Miki Ferkul and SussieM.  It will be gorgeous. The theme is Winter Carneval  in Venice.  I love that theme. It made me dig out my Van Helsing dvd and watch (a couple times at least) the scene of the Vampire Ball.  Brrrrrrr, that always  gives me the shivers on several levels.  That will be for sale December 20 at SBG. Here’s a tiny preview by way of a beautiful layout that SussieM did.  I might be breaking some rules here - if I get yelled at I'll take it down.
Then there’s a fairy tale kit I’ve been working on since October. It’s about a family that used to live in a tiny village in Dragonsend - until they got stuck in the woods by a backfired magic spell.  This is another one of those storybook kits that keeps building on itself, dragging me happily along - not sure exactly where I'll end up.

Glorious holiday wishes and hugs to everyone!!!

See you tomorrow night at the Blog Train.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Under Dappled Shadows from my Creative Team

Joelle - Birds in my Hair
Hollie H
Priss - Daphne's Dress
Wendy85 - The Escape

Joelle - Share the Magic With Me

Scrappy Irene