Saturday, September 13, 2014

The large Marge hike & fishing expedition

Last week we hiked up to Marge Lake a few miles outside of McCall, Idaho. Oh Marge - the colors are just beginning to change and there's lots of cinnamon/chestnut brown out there right now.  I love, love, love the colors this time of year and I thought some of you might like to peek in at some of the local scenery.

 This is on the way up to Marge after we passed Pearl Lake. Marge is just the other side of the dip in the mountain on the horizon.

  Here's one of the first huckleberry leaves to fall, swirling in one of the many little springs we had to hop over on the way up.  We found some small patches of huckleberries, not in their prime but still delicious, to munch on that morning.

 My friends and expedition members Steve, Kip, Debbie, Tim, Linda & Toes crashed out on the banks of Marge Lake after the long uphill trek. 

Marge Lake is beautiful but there aren't many good spots to fish from and it was sooo windy, so Larry moved around a lot looking for better spots to sneak up on the fish. 

Larry may look like he's praying to the fishing faeries here but I think he's really just biting off a stray bit of his fly line. 

 Marge Lake.

 My darling husband, moments before he lost his lucky yellow Crazy Clown spinner in some weeds.  Very sad...

Steve & Linda's puppy Trapper sniffing around in the huckleberry bushes.

We took a scenic shortcut on the way home and climbed back down to Pearl Lake from a different angle. Nothing like a hike in the boonies to recharge your batteries and pack your hard drive with happy jpegs.

Here's a layout I created for a kit I'm coming out with in November from one of the pictures I took at Marge Lake.    

If you'd like this background (w'o Everly Thistledown in it) you can download it here for free

Monday, May 5, 2014

A new toy

My niece Holly (who modeled for the siren/mermaid in Somewhat Perillous) came up with this idea of hanging an old steel wagon wheel tire from the maple tree and using it for a swing/circus hoop. We found the tire half buried alongside the ruins of the Glendale School which burned down about a hundred years ago. Tim lashed it to the tree with a tow rope rated at 30,000 lbs. that we are pretty sure will hold us. Next time Holly visits we'll start practicing daredevil tricks. By the end of the summer we'll be so amazing I'm certain Cirque du Soleil will be calling us to join them.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

An interview with the Queen of SBG

  Lor aka Rosey Posey aka the Queen of SBG interviewed me Thursday. What Fun!!!   Here's the link   if you'd like to read it.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bearrie & Foxter's Fishing Shanty & Studio on sale today - scroll down for a free treat

The gloriously frosty story of Bearrie & Foxter's Fishing Shanty & Studio is coming to you this Easter weekend to remind you to put your winter toys away where you can easily find them next December.

ALSO, don't forget the first two days in Studio Lorie (until Monday midnight MST),  Bearrie & Foxter's Fishing Shanty & Studio will be on sale 20% off

Studio Lorie's Creative Team meets Bearrie & Foxter

Holly H 


Joelle - Kenji & DL Diver coming in for a landing








Scrappie Irene

szrjudit - from Winter Fun Fishing Adventure






Scrappie Irene



Olga Unger


Here’s a happy little freebie from Bearrie & Foxter  

There’s 3 journal card covers here and 3 inside pages.  On the PSD layout I hollowed out the glass bubble just right so you could easily plunk your favorite extracted loved one into the Deep Sea Diesel Dragonfish Delight Dream Lure.  Download these 2 files:

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this works.  I'm using Dropbox Pro so it should be able to handle the load. We'll see.  If you know of a better way to handle freebies drop me a line, I'm always ready to learn new tricks.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ya Tadda Dadda Ta Daaaaaa!

From the frozen North Woods comes the remarkable (somewhat)-true adventure of a monstrous grizzly bear and his wily fox companion fighting for survival in the shivery winter alongside a very dependable ice-fishing-master penguin.

Bearrie & Foxter's Fishing Shanty and Studio. 
Or, actually, it might be more about 3 adorable mammals who are artists all summer and push their studio out over Huge Fish Lake every winter to do their most favorite thing of all - ice fishing from the coziest ice fishing shanty/studio in the Arctic Woods.

 Portrait of DS Diver the penguin

Very crafty fishing lures & decoys carved by Foxter
I delivered these guys to my Creative Team this morning and I'm hoping to get Bearrie & Foxter in my store before the weekend.  
I have a couple more kits in the works. One's coming before summer and Darrie Thistledown's will arrive in the fall.  
See you again soon.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014


My goodness, one of Joelle's beautiful blinkies got replaced by a nasty snappy violent comic book something that also blinked. No idea how that happened but as soon as I remember how to put Joelle's lucscious blinkie back in its place I will.  Has anyone else ever had their blinkies change into something they've never seen before?
Still working on several kits, one is due very soon featuring some devilmaycare rascally animals with a uniquely northern lifestyle.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A tiny Christmas gift for you......

Hoping you have the most marvelous, merriest, and magical Christmas ever!!! I'm staying home today making chocolate/pineapple crepes, sipping espresso, relaxing with my family, and pushing the boundaries of indulgent laziness. Here's a noggy toast to all our Christmas plans coming true.

Just in case you missed my little stocking stuffer at SBG on Christmas Eve, here it is again, my gift to you.  Click right here to get it from our NorthPole headquarters. 
 News note: If you get a 503 error :( wait until the next day and try again.  I upgraded my dropbox to a hugemongous gb  account  :) so that shouldn't happen anymore.   

Here are some of my favorite layouts from the merry elves in my creative team.

Angel Jet









 MummyD Off to find Santa

Mummy D

 Scrappie Irene

Shayenne 27