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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

You Make My Heart Sing

Here’s a little kit I just finished called You Make My Heart Sing. It’s very late-Juney with breezy sky backgrounds, dancing psychedelic flowers, curious embroidered Irish knot frames, a flute-playing bird called Flegger, of course a ladybug, and several other early summer flourishes. I have it on sale until July 15. You can check it out here: 

You know, if you wanted to sample all the wonderful designers at Oscraps and save money at the same time you could check out our 52 Inspiration subscription. You'd get something beautiful (like You Make My Heart Sing, which is in the 52 Inspiration program) and some great bonus deals too.  

Artworks from You Make My Heart Sing by Foxeysquirrel

I love you Foxeysquirrel. Thank you so much. 💓

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