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TOU and Commercial License

TOU for Studio Lorie Designs

Licensing Agreement for "Studio Lorie" Lorie Davison. Images copyright Lorie Davison 2010 (all rights reserved) This license is for one individual only and can't be shared with other groups or individuals.

You May:
Personal Use: You can use my products in any way you desire for personal use as long as you do not redistribute or sell the original, unflattened images. When posting layouts using my products I love it when you credit my designs.

S4O: (SCRAP FOR OTHERS): You can use elements and backgrounds to create flattened layout designs, cards, and printed albums to resell offline at craft fairs, etc. You are required to send me an email or note briefly describing your business and plans for use of my designs. You can use my images for up to $500usd in gross sales.  After that you need a commercial license. All printed designs must be credited. For commercial Internet use of my designs you need a commercial license.  No commercial Internet use is allowed (including advertising, sales, or site design) under S4O.

Web Design: Free for personal, non-commercial web design, credit must be provided on website. For professional web design write me at for a commercial license.

Commercial License
On a case by case basis I do sell commercial licenses for some of my kits - mostly to businesses who’s creativity, I believe, will help my exposure as well as theirs. If you are selling website designs, or digital templates you need a commercial license. For licensed internet sales credit must appear on the pages my designs are displayed.

You May Not:

You MAY NOT sell or share my original backgrounds, elements, stamps, or brushes individually or in kits.

You may not create derivative art from my backgrounds, elements stamps, or brushes.

You may not use my backgrounds and elements to create a commercial website, incredimail, tags, or web templates for resale, without a commercial license.

 If you have any questions please contact me at

Thank you,

Lorie Davison

Commercial Licenses

I sell commercial licenses for small business web design, publishing, and printed object design. If you are interested in a commercial license please write me at