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Friday, May 14, 2010

Poking around alleys and sniffing lilacs

The days have been gorgeous. Even the willows (always the last awake in the Spring) are slowly starting to sprout little leaf buds. The bluejay nest under the eave of my office is very quiet but I know soon the baby jays will be poking their little mohawk heads up and squeeking at me.

So yesterday I decided to head South out of the mountains and into the city (where the lilacs are already blooming) and take pictures for my next kit which I’m pretty sure will be urban and boy. I have been grandly influenced by Clementine’s new kit Tommy Town which she should be debuting next week at DeviantScrap. It’s a wild boys dreamscape she put together with the help of her 8 year old grandson.

This 1906 movie from San Francisco has also been running around in my noggin. Those people walking that wide boulevard didn't have much time left to enjoy their beautiful city as it was destroyed only a few days later.

Thinking about cities... their modern and old structures. Thinking of the warehouse places, of ornate moulding, of the things abandoned in alleys, thinking about the beautiful way structures age, like cracks, splits, and fading in wood and stone. I am in awe of buildings that have settled gracefully and stood strong for many years.

Sooooo I spent yesterday poking around the back streets of Weiser, Idaho where I took this self portrait in an alley:


Tara said...

I so wish we were going into Spring here and not Winter. It sounds so beautiful where you live!

Looking at Clementine's pages this kit is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see it up in the store. I am still saving up to get your collab with Clementine. It's amazing as always. You are a great team!

Hugs & Kisses,
Tara xoxo

Miss Behaving said...

If only I could recreate this same texture on paper as the window pane .... I'd be a happy woman. Gorgeous lighting on this shot and I love the shadowy silhouette.

Cryztal said...

I would love to live in the mountains.. unfortunately.. in my state.. we dont have any.. and im in awe of them when i see them in real time.. baby birds.. it all sounds just wonderful..
Like Miss commented.. great texture.. i love textures..
and i loved working with Tommy Town and Clementine too..
rusty and rustic.. the kit.. not Clementine.. lol..

Tracey said...

Lorie, You continue to be very thoughtful in your kit development. Thanks. Can't wait for this kit.