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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little pretty bits

Autumn is my deep passion. If I were to let myself float on the air of an Autumn day like today I would never return.
These twigs, rose hips, elderberries and seeds are some of the little ripening, season-changing, natural things I saw today in the Fall light.


Anonymous said...

wow!! i love your photos , my favorite is the second it's gorgeous

Mumure said...

I can relate,autumn is my favorite season too.Especially the fallish windy days ;o)
Gorgeous photos!TFS.

wendy said...

I'm soooooooooo with you!!!
i loooove autumn it's my favorite season!
All the amazing colors. and like today it is really warn day in november. Normally it's cold.
But with this wheater i even enjoy more of it!!

Looking Glass Scraps said...
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Looking Glass Scraps said...

Lorie those photos are amazing, really beautiful and capture fall's beauty for sure. I live in upstate New York and since moving here I have a new appriciation for fall. The beautiful colors is like natures last "hurra!" before going to sleep for the winter. Love it!

~Heather - Mom2*Lauryn*Jacob*

Lorie said...

I visited upstate New York for the first time 3 years ago. With all the deciduous trees it is a fabulously beautiful place.

Ramona said...

Gorgeous photography, Lorie!
You have tremendous creative talent, which I admire very much.
Your illustrations touch my Inner Child heart. :)

with gratitude