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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Freebie for Tangie's Art Journal Caravan

Here is a little kit of mine that is in Tangie Baxter's fantastic Art Journal Caravan. If you subscribe to her Navigation Guide (and you should if you're a journaler), this freebie comes with it.  Completely ignore the business at the bottom of the poster about how long the freebie will be available, that was a mixup. It will be in there all year.

Creative Team artworks using Quieter Than Daylight

 Scrappie Irene


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors ! gorgeous elements
and gorgeous layouts!
zaza09 (Isabelle)

odon said...

Very beautiful!!! Amazing colors and color and tone.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! How the credit note without being subscribed! I do not understand English!!
Thank you for answering me in

Lorie said...

Thank you. To get this kit now you would have to subscribe to Tangie's Art Journal Caravan. Sometime after this next kit with Robin Everperch and the Turning Leaves Apothecary is released I will finish up this little freebie and put it in Studio Lorie.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent realization! Understanding(including) not at all the English language, I do not see the interest for me to adhere(subscribe) to the magazine(review) and so to have the pleasure to possess your kit so wonderful. It's a pity for foreigner it is so beautiful