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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I love, love, love, love, love, November.

Here’s some photos taken just outside my kitchen door. It started snowing and blowing today and the leaves are taking off every which way, so it doesn’t look quite like this today. The maple tree has lost half her yellow fall gown already.   C’est la vie.  She's still beautiful without them.
 Hmmm, now I'm noticing the fence needs a little work.

This is my garden. Sort of.  The red leaves are my grape arbor and the garden is behind it.

I am working on a couple new kits - one with snow, one with faeries. I'll have some previews in a little bit.  


Scrappin Gramma said...

fingers XXX that lit'l fairy on your FB cover is part of one... omgosh she is the cutest lit'l thing ever

Lorie said...

Yes she is. :)

Noelle said...


maTilda said...

I cant wait!
Darrie Thistledown is amazing :)

Angeljet said...

Your view from the house is awesome! Wish I could visit you some time.

karlene said...

Hopefully your fantastic photos here will be part of your new kits??? Your creative genius must be even more inspired with your views!

Lorie said...

Karlene, some of this bunch of fall pictures, or at least bits and pieces of them, I have been twiddling into Darrie's story. I love these colors. The trees are almost bare today. The pear tree leaves turn blue on the ground on top of the long green willow leaves and the bright yellow crab apple leaves - that is my favorite spot in the yard.
You can visit any time you fancy Angeljet. I will show you all around the wild Idaho mountains. :)

Anonymous said...

awesome photo i love the colors of autumn!
Isabelle (zaza09)