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Monday, December 1, 2014

Swift the reindeer and his people pals Heidy and Tamin

All Heidy has to say is "Go for a ride?" around Swift the reindeer and he's soooooo ready to go zipping over  the ice and snow - it's inspiring. In that respect Swift is a lot like my dog Annie. Though Annie never pulls a sleigh. But she could. 
This is Tamin Marshback giving Heidy Lowenbridge (his closest neighbor and very good friend) a Christmas card to deliver in my (soon to be named) kit which I will be getting to my CT this week and in my store soon thereafter.  It's very wintery.       
I'll have more previews soon.   



I know already that I am going to LOVE this kit! Hope it contains that gorgeous little character, Everly Thistledown. Looking forward to more of your beautiful work Lorie. Thanks for brightening my day.

moxieman said...

Just gorgeous...and new little characters! Such a
treat this holiday season. Can't wait for the kits release. Happy Holidays.


Lorie said...

Thank you, thank you Moxie and Rhonda. Little Darrie Thistledown and her equally tiny friend Elinore Dewgrass are anxiously awaiting (lately doing a lot of tiny foot stomping to get my attention) the completion of their kit. Their world, however, is still under construction. It will be finished soon but they won't be popping up in Swift's sleigh in this kit.

Anonymous said...

omg!!!! Lorie i love your page!!
I love the precision and the colors of the elements and papers of your kits!
and the softness and magic that exudes your kits

Your new kit must be marvellous , quickly on in the store , I can wait to buy it!!!

Isabelle ( zaza09)

Lena said...

Now I know why the kids can't wait for Christmas, I am the same way every time I see a preview of a new kit from you. Can't wait to see it all! It looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Beautiful... I hope by as son as posible for my christmas creations.

Anonymous said...

Love this kit. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays