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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A cure for ants in the pants

Sometimes I get "ants-in-my-pants" and after having my seat planted in front of the computer photoshopping for too long yesterday... I got a little stir crazy in the rump and the head. I grabbed Tim, Annie (our dog), some beat-up towels, and the car keys and headed for our favorite hidden forest hot springs. It was the relaxing magic we needed. Tim read “The Name of the Wind” to me as a warm wind dropped pine needles into the pool. We sank in and let the little warm waterfall and the slick, soft moss against our skin pull us into a blissful trance while Annie stood guard for squirrels.

We hiked back to the car and decided to drive further up the mountain and explore a bit, happily plowing through piles of snow until we met one that was too deep ...we really should have seen that coming. We were high-centered. The weather had been toasty so Tim had taken the tire chains and snow shovel out of the car last week. We had a camping shovel the size of a spatula and a windshield brush to clear all the snow out from under the car. Nearly two hours later, and surprisingly invigorated, we plowed ourselves out. Today the ants are gone and the snow chains are back in the car.


Tara said...

LOL LOL! That is totally something we would do here. hehehehe! Glad you got out but it sounds totally beautiful where you went on your adventure.

Hugs & Kisses,
Tara xoxo

Angeljet said...

OMG, this sounds magical! A hot spring surrounded by snow scenery.
I can understand it's relaxing.
I'm glad Tim was with you to clear the snow from under the car with you.
What should we do without you??


LovelyMissKait said...

Wow, your life sounds so idyllic. You are so lucky to have found each other. I can't believe that you still have snow there!

At any rate, loved reading how you spent your day.

nighty said...

O just love the way you tell your stories , which is funny,
because i can hardly understand half of it, since you use so many words i've never learned.
but anyway i still can imagine the magic,like in fairytales.
Hugs from Germany
I'm happy you have a blog now

Lorie said...

Nighty you are hilarious. We still have our snow tires on even though they have been illegal since April 30. But there's still snow all over.