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Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting on a new kit

Since Baby Bee Garden came out last week I am working on 3 different kits. I’m not sure which one will work its way out next. I just watched Spirited Away again and it has been stirring up beautiful, cloud-filled ideas in me so I’m going to have to do something in that direction.

Here’s a couple new pages I photographed, photoshopped, and painted this week.

I like skies. My DH moved out West from Chicago. He likes looking at mountains. I have always lived in the mountains but skies are so huge back in the flat Midwest. They make my insides feel eager and tingly watching the wind push the sky around. Big blue mountains dragging tattered clouds behind them are definitely pretty. But a storm sneaking up on you from a distant horizon is really thrilling. Those voluminous storm clouds are kind of the Great Plain’s version of mountains in my mind.

These papers are skies whispering at me to look out. The sky with the circle forming is how I felt yesterday. Something is happening or has to happen, it could be something big or it could just blow over, it could be refreshing and exhilarating or it could be scary. Could.

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Dani³ said...


Angeljet said...

Lorie, I love your beautiful skies!!! I want to see these in real!!!!!!

Lorie said...

Last night's skies were the greatest. There was a huge moon with a thunderstorm moving in under it. So there were big old clouds illuminated from above by the moon and little lightning flashes sparking up the bottoms. I would have loved to photograph and play with them but it would take a much better photographer than me to figure out how to do that.

wendy said...

wowwww i looove these skies too.
My parents were living on a farm where you did see that kind of skies too!!

And soo awesome that you have a blog too.

i will follow you every time you write something!!


Tara said...

Lorie I just have to say you are such an inspiration and I am in awe of your talent! Loving your new blog too! Dani, you have done awesome Sweetie!

I totally can't wait to see your new kit/s that are in the works. I adore working with them so much and these skies, WOW!

Hope you are having a brilliant week Sweetie.

Hugs & Kisses,
Tara xoxo

Justyna said...

Lorie, Wow, amazing photo.
And I'm happy, that you heva a blog:0


heather said...

You backgrounds are just out of this world in a fantastic way.. Love your work and soo happy you now have a blog to follow..Dani my friend.. you rocked it. :) cant wait to see the new kit when its done..

Victoria's Scrap said...

Those photos of skies are AMAZING!!! We line in a South but love to go outwest. It's my husband' s dream to move there :)

Lorie said...

Victoria I've always wanted to live in the South. Maybe we can trade.

Joelle design said...

Plop!!! I LOVEEEEE what I see!!
Can't wait Lorie.............This is a little bit teasing (if this is the right word) us ;-)