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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ooook ooook!

The Painter's Faeries is warping and woofing its way into an altogether different place and it is dragging me into some new realms I really like but are taking a while to learn.

I'm still working on it all day every day, except I did backpack into the Seven Devils wilderness area last week for two days. We camped in the trees on the shore of a nameless lake that might have been part of a volcano crater a million years ago. My friend Amy baby-backpacked her little booper Ben in with us. Amy did not pack a tent but when it started looking like a mountain storm was sneaking up on us we decided to build her a cozy mini-cabin using Tim's rubber poncho and a bunch of tree pieces the winds had blown over. There was no blizzard that night but the smaller lakes were iced over that morning. Amy and her husband Nick and baby Ben snuggled through the chilly starry night toasty and warm.

BTW Ooook Ooooook is a quote from one of my favorite fantasy characters (hint: he has red hair.) If you are the first to name him (trick question) I'll send you a coupon for Painter when its done. Hugs.


Karen Bowers said...

hmmmmm, did miles vorkosigan (sp?) have an orangutan partner?

no wait a minute...there's the orangutan librarian in that series for disk world. he is known as the Librarian.

(imagine fist pump here)

Lorie said...

Ooook! Ooooook!OooooooooK! Karen! Yep he does have an actual name but no one knows it, except maybe Rincewind the Wizzard, so he just goes by The Librarian. You are such a smarty. I will send you a coupon for The Painter's Faeries soon.

Karen Bowers said...

i just realized i don't qualify. YOUUUUU turned me onto that series.

Shiann said...

I miss the mountains! I sounds like you had a wonderful time!

mongghon said...

I believe his alleged name is Dr Horace Worblehat, but it's probably a vicious rumor.

Stacy Morley said...

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