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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Battle of the CT's

The battle has begun!!! Five of my very brave CT members (Angel Jet, Ikscrap, Joannknrd, Shayenne27, and Topsi) are Team Lorie’s Wild Imagination Girls in Digiscrapaddicts Battle of the CT’s. Hooo Hoooooo!!!!! It is a really fun layout contest. There are about 40 designer teams enrolled - but Holy Moley it’s tricky. Each layout has to follow a precise formula like: 10 hearts, 9 flowers, 8 stitches, etc. If one of your team goofs up and only has 7 stitches, or 10 flowers, your team gets the boot. You can only use your designers goodies. And, unfortunately, it’s a popular vote contest. (I thought after DST’s hairdo fire no one would do popular vote contests anymore.) Ah well.
You can vote for your favorite team once a day.
Here’s where you can see all the layouts.
It would be lovely if you voted for them. (Polls are open Saturdays & Sundays)
Here’s where you vote.

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