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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Road tripping and putting the garden to bed....

It could snow tonight so Tim and I were out in the garden with flashlights an hour ago picking the last of the tomatoes. Yay, fried green tomatoes for breakfast. Here is a picture of our summmer grape arbor bedroom which is also the entrance to the garden. Sigh - we probably won't be sleeping out there again any time soon.

Earlier this week we went on a road trip to Halfway, Oregon. Halfway is a tiny town on the sunny side of the Wallowa Mountains, a short scenic jaunt from Idaho's Snake River boundary. While snooping around town we bumped into Mimi and Eric who invited us into their little restaurant, Mimi's MidTown Cafe. Their restaurant closed this summer but they still use it for a party kitchen/playhouse. They made us some espresso and we sat around and chit-chatted for hours munching on some of Tim's homemade brownies and some of their cherry tomatoes. Ahh the perfect road trip experience.

On the way home we passed through Bear, Idaho where I took this picture of the old Huntley barn. It was built in 1880 but I'm pretty sure this will be its last winter standing.


Anonymous said...

I love your photos they are always fabulous!
Best regards

Lys said...

in 1880 !!, this will be so sad if it doesn't exist anymore ... hope you will be wrong.

Lorie said...

Lys, The barn was in pretty good shape until last year when the snows caved in the roof and left it looking like this. If we get that much snow again I'm pretty sure it will be flat in the Spring.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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