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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Falling Leaves Autumn Tea Quick Page Collection

Artist Ellen Krause has designed 6 scrumptious quick pages with my Falling Leaves, Autumn Tea. These should be in my store today.

Here is a quick love letter I wrote to my totally DH using one of Ellen's pages.
Tim you tickle me in so many wonderful ways. Your "spot on" impersonations, your
keep-the-squeaky-toy-away-from-the-dog, always going for charm with bits of pure
annoying thrown in. Fixer of everything with an artful air, precise and well made.
Searching out new chocolate chip cookie flavors, considering the "presentation" of things, the beauty in nature.
I couldn't believe you swiped two years of cobweb apartments out of the rafters last week. Making sure the delivery people get a tasty treat... it's your kind and loyal perspective of your friends and understanding of people. Your love for me, I love you more and more...
and more as time goes..


szrjudit said...

What a wonderful QP album, woooooooow!

Dimeda said...


erzsocica said...

Fantastic QP collection, I love the little bunnies!

Joelle said...

ow sweetie this are so beautiful words! WOW Tha QP album is also a Must Have!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your part, you're one of my very favorite deigners.
Merry Christmas

Melissakskf said...