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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The SBG 25-Day Blog Freebie Train

Ever heard of a blog train before? Me neither - but I think you'll really like this!

Here's the way our blog train is going to work. Monday December 1st one of SBG's designers will have a Christmas gift freebie available for everyone on her blog. It will be available for one day and on her blog she will tell you who has the freebie the next day. And it will work that way every day until Christmas. Some days (every other I think) there will be two blogs with freebies.

We are all sworn to absolute "cross our hearts hope to spit" secrecy, with horrible dire consequences if we tell anyone who has what days. But, since it just turned December 1 here, I think I can safely say the first blog train freebie stop is Flergs at Ooooooh I hope I don't get in trouble. (Biting fingernails)

I have already finished my freebie but, of course, I can't tell when the blog train stops here or what's in my blog train freebie. I love secret stuff.


monicn said...

This immensely Lorie !!!Eagerly waiting for the freebie!!! I love your designs :))


LynO said...

Lorie..I am still watching close for your new kit, just a little hint when that will hit the store?? Just a little one? LOL and then to read a freebie is that's another one I will be watching for.
Lorie, do you have a newsletter? If you do I would love to sign up, but never seen anywhere to do so. Just askin...and hope your haveing a fabulous week.

Lorie said...

Hey Lyn, I don't have a newsletter. I should I guess. Would it be like a blog but you email it to people? I'll have to look at other designers' newsletters to see what they do.
I know I said "almost done" two weeks ago but now I am really almost done. New ingredients and characters keep wanting to get in and this is now the biggest kit I've ever made. I just finished Lizzy and Darcy, I'll show you them today. Autumn Tea will be for sale in just a few days.

Astrea said...

OMG, I can´t wait to see your kit ready!!!! I spend too much time at my pc just because of you Lorie!:))))))))

LynO said...

My eyes are pealed now...can't wait till it goes onsale...I know it's going to be fabulous. And that freebie looks like it's going to be cute..real cute.
Thanks Lorie...the new additions are precious.