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Monday, May 6, 2013

Fuzzy Garden gallery from my CT (and around the web)

 It takes me such a long time to finish my kits I am always ecstatic to find I have a CT left when I finally come out with a new one.  Thank you for always coming through. Here are the Fuzzy Garden artworks from my amazing Creative Team. 

Angel Jet
 Scrappie Irene
 Foxey Squirrel

I wanted to share some of these from my FB friends.  

Andrea Gyuricza
 Eva Simon
 Michelle Drummond
 Petruna Vendoli
Sara Donovon
Anna Vránková

 Hana Hillebrandova

Irena Havlanova

 Iri Dvořáková

Ivana Šubrtová

Jana Kotolanová

Jana Křížková

Jana Luxikova

Jana Sita Slovackova

Jarka Ducháčková

Milada Tilda Pechova


La Table De Nana said...

They are all so lovely~
And thank you again for this great gift~

NathL said...

thank you for this beautifull gift, those pages are amazing! :)