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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Blossoms coming soon.

My Blossoms is another shout out to Spring. Yay Spring!!!  In April the violets erupted in all their glory all over the lawn.  I loved walking through  them. I also loved pulling them up (sorry violets) and examining and taking pictures of their fascinating textured roots. Then I put them in this kit. The little birds here are Blue Tits (Parus Caeruleus). They winter in our larch tree and play on the sill of our dining room window in the winter. They are gone now; following, I think, the cold weather.   

I sent My Blossoms to my CT last night. It should pop up in Studio Lorie this Friday.  


Abeille said...

Ohh!! Gorgeosu pages!! Can't wait to see all the kits!!

La Table De Nana said...

I have been loving the violets too..
Looks great :-)

Lorie said...

Here in a few weeks the dog's tooth violets will be popping up all over the place. Besides being beautiful under the maple tree they're peachy for a splash of yellow in your green salad.

Maja said...

Wow! Another amazing kit! I love the violets and the colour blue too :)
Hugs, Maja

Unknown said...

I hope to get caught up on your kits!!

I do with you designed fabric. I am working on my craft room and want more of a whimsical feel.

Your artwork is more beautiful than a dream.

Hugs, Jan

Lorie said...

Thank you, thank you. xo
Jan, still working on your new house? That's a fun job that never ends. I love working with fabrics and still create costumes from time to time. Fabric designer would be a great job. I looked up fabric design:
Sounds like a lot of work - but something I would like to try some day.

ABRA_ABRA said...

I love your scrap !

ABRA_ABRA said...

Lorie said...

Love your blog Abra_Abra.