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Saturday, April 26, 2014

An interview with the Queen of SBG

  Lor aka Rosey Posey aka the Queen of SBG interviewed me Thursday. What Fun!!!   Here's the link   if you'd like to read it.


NathL said...

You're a Poetess! Thank you for sharing those beautifull things in your head :)

When I print some of my pages, I put some perfum on it, that reminds me somehow the moment... smelling is a so important part of memory :)

This was funny to look back to your kits in my computer and imagine their scent! :D

Have a beautifull day :)
Nathalie alias NathL

Lorie said...

NathL that is a marvelous idea. I could file things with different essences to find them faster and remember what I was doing when I put them away.
It's true about smell and memory. Sometimes I'll get a whiff of something that will instantly send me back to a moment when I was little. I love it when that happens. :)

Fariza said...