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Monday, April 14, 2014

Ya Tadda Dadda Ta Daaaaaa!

From the frozen North Woods comes the remarkable (somewhat)-true adventure of a monstrous grizzly bear and his wily fox companion fighting for survival in the shivery winter alongside a very dependable ice-fishing-master penguin.

Bearrie & Foxter's Fishing Shanty and Studio. 
Or, actually, it might be more about 3 adorable mammals who are artists all summer and push their studio out over Huge Fish Lake every winter to do their most favorite thing of all - ice fishing from the coziest ice fishing shanty/studio in the Arctic Woods.

 Portrait of DS Diver the penguin

Very crafty fishing lures & decoys carved by Foxter
I delivered these guys to my Creative Team this morning and I'm hoping to get Bearrie & Foxter in my store before the weekend.  
I have a couple more kits in the works. One's coming before summer and Darrie Thistledown's will arrive in the fall.  
See you again soon.  


Abeille said...

Ohhhhh gosh!! Woow!! This is so cute!! Fantastic colors and as always I love it!!

Lorie said...

Ohhh thank you Abeille!

Mumure said...

As always,stunning Work Lorie!!LOVE what I see ♥

Lorie said...

Thank you so much xoxoxo. I'm working on the ads today.

Anonymous said...

omg!! i love the colors! i love the elements!! i love it!!!!!!i am fan!
Isabelle (zaza09)

Lorie said...

I love you Isabelle!!!