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Monday, December 28, 2015

The sale is over - Thank You All Soooo Very Much - Gitsy is still there but now she costs $3.50

This little mousie mini-kit is a thank-you gift when you purchase anything at my End of the Year Sale. (You have to log in before ordering and click "view cart" at checkout to get it for free. Otherwise, if you don't get it, I'll send it to you.) She is Gitsy,a little mouse who gets books from the library in the Winterwood which, coincidentally, is the name of the next SBG collab - created lovingly by Peggy (NLD), Laura (Priss) and me from a true story told to Peggy by the actual book-loving Gitsy.


artistsyl said...

Such a cute mouse. I love him. Thank you.

Lorie said...

Oh! Thank you so much Artistsyl.

cats333 said...

Thank you so much..He's a cutie..

Els Schutte said...

Hi Lorie I love it when is your new kit coming???????

Els Schutte

karlene said...

Hi Lorie! Hope your holidays were lovely! Love this little guy! Sad to say I missed your sale as I was visiting my grandkids! Can't wait for your new kit! Best wishes for a grand new year...Karlene

Lorie said...

Ohh Els, thanks. Darrie's kit got detoured what with the collab and holidays and such. But I was working on some of her delivery bugs today. She'll be out soon. Hey Karlene thank you too. My holidays were lovely and I hope yours were too. When you get a minute please email me.