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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tender Wings and Paisley Things

Hey everybody, I am happy as can be introducing you to Paisley, the fairy who I named my new kit after. As you may know when North American quilt makers originally came upon the paisley design they called it Persian Pickle. I tried this name on this fairy and she sulked for weeks, so forget I mentioned it.
My illustrious and ingenious creative team has Paisley's kit as I write this. And you should be able to get it from my store sometime after Tuesday night.  Just wanting to keep you updated as I've been out of the loop a little lately - but glad to be back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie - Paisley looks gorgeous. Any news on Darrie Thistledown yet? Rhonda Lewis

Lorie said...

Hi Rhonda, as it happens I have a few kits at the almost finished level. Paisley's popped out first. Darrie's is not quite finished but will be soon.

karlene said...

She is a wonder, for sure! Also looking forward to Darrie Thistledown! Karlene