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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Serious dreamers plan...

This is our brains in planning mode. (Twinsmomflor inspired me to do this one.)


Els Schutte said...

Hi Lorie, nice kit!!!! when is the other kit coming? the one with the dragon fly post???

Lorie said...

Thank you Els. You ARE wonderful!!! Regarding Darrie Thistledown’s kit: I know it sounds strange but I need to finish in my mind the story that goes with Dragon Fly Delivery before I can finish the kit. When I think I’m almost done other parts of the story pop up and I need to add things to go with that story, even if no one else knows why those things are there. It sometimes takes forever making kits this way and sometimes makes for kits that are perhaps honking huge – but it is more fun.