My holiday blinkie from Joelle

Joelle's blinkies are forever. My store however, contrary to what it says at the bottom of Joelle's blinkie, is now at Oscraps. (I didn't want to change anything cus it would sort of be like fidgeting with a Vermeer.)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Win Your Wish starts today and works its way right up to the Oscraps Lucky 13th Birthday Party

Win Your Wish is over. The winners are: Felis, Chili, Nzsuza, Kimforhim, and Madge. I did 5 cus I felt like a leprechaun throwing out wishes this morning. Thanks for playing. Check in at the O to get your messages with the wish coupons. 

Yessir Win Your Wish is happening right now. Here's mine:   Post your favorite Lorie Davison kits on my forum and you might win 'em.
I think everybody's doing the WYW so hit all your favorite designers and you could end up with lots of free artsy wonders. You never know. 

Win Your Wish ends Wednesday the 20th and Our Big Beautiful Bouncy Lucky 13th Birthday Party starts Friday March 22. There will be a birthday fairy flitting around and challenges and games in the forum and all the other fun stuff that always happens at the O. I'm excited.


La Table De Nana said...

Hi:) For some reason I can log in to OScarps but not your post about this:(I too have a few of your sets and love them..if I would win one..I would pick this one
Thank you:)

Lorie said...

Oh my Gosh!!! You almost certainly would have won La Tabla De Nana. Email me and I'll grant your wish. (I swear I feel magical every time I say that.) yours, Lorie

Nana and Papa said...

Hi Lorie. You have not posted new kits in quite some time. Are you in the process of creating new goodies for us? I certainly hope so!

Lorie said...

True Nana & Papa it's been a while. I am working on kits all the time and have several almost but not quite ready. I have a collab coming out at Oscraps this month and a kit next month. I'm also getting closer to finishing up a big big kit I've been working on for a couple years with fantasy architecture and flying critter devices. Thanks for asking. I'm on it.